Being Connected

Recently, I took a break. It wasn’t a long break, and very few people noticed I was on a break, but I decided to switch off for a while. No opening any messages that I didn’t have to, no long conversations with friends. I just needed to take a step back for a few daysContinue reading “Being Connected”

Let’s Talk About Death

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time with someone who was dying. This isn’t unusual for me. I work with a lot of elderly people and when I was young my family instilled in me that death is a natural thing and nothing to be afraid of. It’s not a taboo subject in my opinion,Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Death”

Sometimes, it is okay to say no

Why saying no sometimes isn’t a bad thing I think I need to get a tattoo on my wrist that says ‘Sometimes it’s okay to say no’. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes saying yes will be the best thing you’ll ever do. I’ve been on trips with friends when my bank account was screaming atContinue reading “Sometimes, it is okay to say no”